A busy day on the internets. Telekompaketet.sehas been under severe traffic load during the day, sometimes hard to reach, most of it owing to the doodle on The Pirate Bay.

However, we are making fantastic politics now! With my hands constantly on the keyboard, and my eyes plastered to tunnel vision irssi irc-screens, people in Sweden report having called ITRE-members in the UK, Spain, France, Finland... and hundreds of individually written e-mails are reaching MEPs as we speak. Raising the important issue of the telecoms package and amandment 138/42.

This is, in my opinion, how internet politics can function on a good day. Everyone can contribute with knowledge sharing, faster than any other media. By being many people riding the fastest communications media ever seen on planet earth, we can make a difference!

I usually only write about internet politics in Swedish. This is a failure – a failure in communications. The IPRED 1, the data retention directive, the telecoms package, etc. are all going down in Brussels, and by being limited to merely acting within the old nation states, we miss out doing what we are doing now - acting on EU-legislation in the making.

I am impressed by what so many people are doing right now in member states. There is one more day tomorrow. Make sure you wake ITRE-members up with a phone call saying that you care about an open internet. Instructions can be found on telekompaketet.se, or if the site goes down, go to La Quadrature du Net.

Traditional media (in Sweden) have not yet made any serious attempts at raising this issue, not even reporting about it. It is their failure in communications, not ours. We'll just have to do it on our own...

Skriven av admin den 20 april 2009