The near future is very smart. It is full of smartup business solutions to everyday problems. For example, when riding your e-bicycle, you can save the planet without sweating too much. Too much effort will prevent you from healthy habits.

Meanwhile, you can stop for an e-cigarette. You can smoke it because it is supposed to be healthier than a normal cigarette. You can even buy "e-liquid" with added vitamins.

Every now and then you can be a good "e-citizen" and vote online in the e-democracy that you live in. It is said that young people lack political ambitions, but that is only because we haven't invented good enough apps yet, which "e-nable" democratic participation for everyone.

Of course, all of these solutions can be bought with clever e-money. Get some of your favourite crypto-currency now!

Just try to stay away from e-war zones.

Update: Oh, and one more. The e-car, the electricity/petrol hybrid. Works like an e-cigarette. Enables you to keep driving while being a little cleaner. So that politicians can keep building more roads, because they can say "the cars are clean".

Skriven av admin den 18 augusti 2014