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One of my hobbies is to build internet infrastructure. With (a lot of) help from my internaut friends, I try to distribute my data along several servers around the internet, with open software and re-cycled old hardware.

So, this blog was down for a bit while i migrated it to an Open Solaris machine called tuna. The funny hostname is consistent with the Telecomix Communications Agency interweb policy, which gives animal-names to all its servers. On this machine I also run humaninternet.info and werebuildworlds.org, which are projects in the making. Also, I pointed the funny domain vibyggerom.eu there. If you have ideas on what to put there, let me know.

Another machine is the Debian box officeworks. This one hosts derkapitalism.us, notobsolete.org, fagpad.com and tesantitesprotes.org.

My third server, also running Debian, is chaosworks, which runs faxpad.org, and some experimental stuff. Also, chaosworks is the home of many internauts since it is tightly connected to the telecomix system of ssh-screens.

Fourth.... (this is becoming a long post I think), I run an iMac G3 with Ubuntu Linux, which is the home of Cameron, the artificial isomorphic intelligence, which can be interacted with in chat.telecomix.org.

Now, besides that, I run a few CLAMP-servers, which are invisible, non-interweb, i2p-darknet servers. Their locations are secret, which is pretty self-spoken, and they require special hardening to stay secure and under the radar.

What was I getting at...? well... sorry that this blog was offline for a while, but I had to make some re-arrangements in my interweb extensions. Lots of tunelling, lots of tweaking. Now, however, online again, with ultra-zef opensolaris power and lighttpd!

pfexec chown chrisk /etc/caek/

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