Efter att ha varit ute lite för länge på kvällen lyckades jag försova mig och var sent ute till en workshop på Goldsmith's College som heter Physique of the Public.

Jag var alltså tvungen att ta mig från nordöstra London till andra sidan Themsen på mycket kort tid. Det är då man verkligen upplever hur human och non-human agency pressas samman med stadslandskapet. Dessutom inser man varför spårvagnar är kassa i Götet, eftersom de faktiskt går långsammare än bilar.

Här är en fragmentatrisk återgivning av de samtal som instruerade mig att hitta rätt under cirka 60 minuters tid



"Where are you going?"

"Goldsmith's college.... I need to be there now kind of now."


"When will we be there? I is in a hurry kind of."

"You're in business?"

"Yeah... or not really... academia... it is a business but not a business... well... it is a huge debate... never mind."

"With traffic an all... you are better off on the tube really."


"You know, I could drive you there and earn forty quid, but I'm honest, it will be faster on the tube mate."

"Cheers... so just drop me off at Kings Cross... "


"Excuse me... I wants to go across the river... you know.... to gate something"

"New Gate?"

"No... but new something..."

"New Cross?"

"Yeah... that's the place!"

"You need to get a replacement bus since the line is being repaired."

"I'm really in a hurry... what is the fastest way?"

"Then get the train from Cannon Street... but it will cost you some extr..."

"No worries... time is essential now... and water... I need water..."

"Go ahead to Cannon Street. You will probably have one or two minutes there to buy a drink of water."

"Cheers. You staff in them tubes is well friendly and service minded. Thanks"

"No worries."


"Why can´t I get on the train with my RFID Oyster card?"

"You need to buy a separate ticket for the trains."

"Really... but you won´t get me logged then since I only have cash... never mind... where do I get the tickets."

"In the vending machines over there."


"Excuse me sir, may I be so bold as to ask for the directions to Goldsmith's college?"

"Right down the road mate, to the left."

"How far is it... will I make it i five minutes."

"Sure... unless you get hit by a truck..."

"Excellent... thank you and love."

"No worries..."


"I am attending this workshop called public and physics... no... physique of the public... sorry... which room is it in?"

"Go ahead straight down the hall, then turn left. But the session has already started."

"Aight... so I need to register?"

"No, just go ahead."

"But I should pay right?"

"We know you're on the list... the Swedish guy right?"

"Yes... so I can just proceed?"

"Go ahead, but be quiet when entering."

"Thanks... we build!"


"It is a Gothenburg expression... couldn't explain it in five minutes.... but it is a good thing."

"That' s nice ..."

"Lovely to meet you. Bye".

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