In the previous post I mentioned some old train radios that we got hold of the other day. So, today, me and Jaywalk did some tinkering and some ugly hacks to se if they worked. All for the love of technology!

This is what they look like on the inside. Very old-style, very cyberpunk, highly repairable.

Real Motorola chips yo!

Pliers in action. Gotta get some wiring to these machines. The batteries are stone dead.

Make sure you got the right headlights. Radio is srsbsns.

Dead battery packs removed. This should be easy.

Connecting the wires...

Swiss army knife and isolation tape.

Then get married to the plastic...

Connection not approved for field activity.

Multimeter to get the polarity right. We need 7.5 V and 2000 mAh to broadcast.

Used to belong to the "Svets (Welding)" department of the Swedish railways.

Ok... we couldn't find more than one power supply. A computer PSU gives 12 and 5 volts. By connecting yellow (+) to red (-) rumor and multimeter has it that you get 7. :D

Success! The one we feed 7.5 V is able to broadcast to the units in the computer PSU. They, however, can only receive. Gotta get moar voltage!

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