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The Swedish parliament will most likely pass a law later today, allowing Swedish Defence Radio Establishment to pre-emptively monitor all Internet traffic in Sweden. The government has threatened the last few MPs who are against this law so harshly, that they even broke down in tears during yesterday's debates in parliament. In the public opinion there are strong sentiments saying that we should not rush in passing this law, since it violates vital rights for the free press.

According to Reporters Without Borderswe are the fifth most liberal country in protecting the freedom of the press. Very soon this needs to be revised. We now belong, according to leading IT-expert Oscar Swartz, among countries such as China, in terms of censorship. There are now protests outside the Parliament building.

The open society is breaking down, and if this law will be passed within hours, the only protection against pre-emptive surveillance for journalists will be encryption, routing and co-operation, in order to by-pass the fifth fastest super-computer in the world. We will be needing your help.

Skriven av admin den 18 juni 2008