En central komponent i den totala medelhavsupplevelsen är kasinot, som tar en priviligerad plats framför azurblåa bad och vita linnekostymer. Dessa lokaler är bisarra på flera sätt. Förutom att de jobbar med heltäckningsmattor både på golven och på borden (roulette), så är de grundräfflat panspektriska. Nedan följer en dialog ur minnet:

  • Please give me your passport and go with me to this room (pekar).

  • Sure...

  • What hotel are you staying at?

  • I´m staying with my friend Johannes. He's into the tourism business and is referred to as the "Man" over here.... sorry... just kidding....

  • Please look into the camera.

  • Sure... but where is it?

  • It is this direction. Just face the wall.

  • Should I smile?

  • It is only for face recognition, we will not print it. Now this card will register all credits...

  • Excellent. Where is the roulette table?

  • There are five of them over there...

***(I-jag, C-Croupier, EN-brittisk globetrotter i linnekostym)

I: How does this work... I give you twenty euros then the game is on?

C: Yes. You may place your bets now.

EN: Give me a hundred...

C: No more bets now... (kulan snurrar).... Number seventeen... you won sir.

I: Excellent! I will celebrate by buying my friends champagne!

EN: I also placed a bet on seventeen...

C: No sir, you did not.

EN: I did... I know what I's betting goddamnit!

C: Our videocameras record all tables. Would you like to see the video. I have the screen right here.

EN: I don't care. This is a crap casino anyways...

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