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The podcast Kapital, Identit├Ąt, Macht now has two episodes, which were recorded in local settings in and around Gothenburg.

The show has been in the making for quite some time, but it wasn't until we teamed up at the Sociology conference that we found the right name for it. Capital, Identity and Power should be understood as themes that come back every now and then, just like little refrains, but maybe in a wider sense than in traditional sociology.

I'm in the first episode, which departs in my forthcoming book about net politics, together with Karl and Otto, we discuss many things, amongst them closely by Karl. It also features Monki and Geraldine.

We are aiming at producing these podcasts regularly in English. What we write, we usually write in Swedish, out of habit and because it is more comfortable. But talking is (at least according to the Greeks) the higher form of philosophy!

Oh, and if you wonder about the website, derkapitalism.us, well... it is hosted under my desk at the university on an old PC-computer. Also there is the academic blog Tes, Antites, Protes on that server. The so-very-1990-design is there due to the fact that I can't write html invented in this millennium. So please, mind the animated gif images. RSS was invented in 1999, so maybe that feature will come in a near future. Until then, go get the files!

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