Om riksdagen nu gillar IPRED så får vi väl visa dem hur Internets funkar om man affirmerar dess potentialiteter. Ge riksdagen en julklapp du också!

Som redaktör för the Resistance Studies Magazine gör vi så här:

Due to recent repressive legislation following the implementation of the Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Directive (IPRED 1), where corporativistic media industries are allowed to pursue their own private investigations in order to sue, fine and disrespect people who infringe on copyright, the Resistance Studies Magazine will donate a digital copy of the magazine to the Swedish parliament, in order to affirm the free distribution of knowledge and information.

Editor Christopher Kullenberg announces:

  • For centuries the printing press has not only been a gate-keeper for the distribution of knowledge, it has also been fragile towards censorship, and highly dependent on economical interests. Of course, some actors in the media industries wish to conserve this order. The internet allows for the Resistance Studies Magazine to distribute articles globally, without spending more than a few Euros to host our site. Academic knowledge does not have to be trapped in the claws of anti-market institutions, such as the great publishing houses. We can destabilize these power-relations by way of creativity and sharing. As long as the Internet is uncensored, which unfortunately is not the case, not in Sweden, and not in other countries either, anyone can download our articles for free. In the long run, this European Union directive will lead only to building protective walls against the free transfer of knowledge.

The Resistance Studies Magazine does not wish the members of the Swedish parliament a merry christmas because the Internet knows far too many great holidays which may be summarised in kopimism.

Läs även hur Kalle skickar över sin bok Abstract Hacktivism som han och Otto har skrivit.

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