During a busy night of clustered organization the Swedish internets managed to get telekompaketet.se up and running.

One of the reasons for the swift mobilization was La Quadrature du Net, the excellent activist group who is doing an impressive work in France. There is a google translation of both telekompaketet.se and the viral twitter feeds that emerged just hours from now. The realtime output is pretty impressive.

At the moment, there is plenty of creative energy going on over here. The Pirate Bay verdict made thousands of people upset about how we treat the internet. There are articles in both Le Monde and Le Figaro about it (thank you Le Domaine d'Anais for translations).

All I want to say in this message is that we love Internet all over Europe, and of course, all over the world. Co-operation can be extremely successful, and we really need it. The only way to make a difference in the EU buerocracy, is either to have billion-euro-lobbyists (which we don't have), or to use the power of collective knowledge sharing (something we are pretty good at).

Thank you La Quadrature!

Skriven av admin den 19 april 2009