My friend jaywalk came up with the brilliant idea of blogging in cipherspace, then republishing the blog posts in cyberspace with a few hours delay. So, today, with a few simple commands I created
christopherkullenberg.i2p, which will be the primary interface of Intensifier from now on.

This means that blog posts will first appear in the i2p edition, then some of them will be republished in the .se version. This will have several benefits. First of all, my readers will have a completely anonymous way of reading my posts. The Internet and the Wordpress interfaces are flawed in terms of anonymity, since in cyberspace I know way too much about my readers than I want to know. The logs record everything from IP-numbers to web browser versions, and with some simple data mining I can perform counter-surveillance. With i2p this is close to impossible since it doesn't use IP-numbers.

Also, the i2p edition will enable me to include material in exclusive posts that are not safe to distribute on the open internet. Today we see how the Internet makes it harder for states and corporations to control information. Today, for example, The Pirate Bay re-emerged after yet-another-attempt at trying to bring them down. But also, Wikileaks have proved that the distributed networks are stronger than militiarised states with their release of the Collateral Murder video. A site in the i2p-network is close to impossible to locate physically, and may be duplicated in several locations, thus being very hard to bring down.

Corporate plain-text networks are often centralized, thus very weak since they can be intercepted and taken down very easily. User-generated distributed networks are a lot more resilient, so we should start using them.

To set up your own site in the i2p network, Telecomix (plaintext link) has made several tutorials
for the major operating systems. More exclusive material will bring more users, thus faster and more secure networks. Also, Telecomix will host a cyphernetic assembly in Gothenburg Free City during the 16th and 17th of June, where they will demonstrate and share the knowledge and skills needed to live and publish in cipherspace (more information to come, keep an eye on their twitter.

Oh, and a bonus feature is of course that christopherkullenberg.i2p is a web 1.0 site. Expect animated gifs, frames and blinking text in the future.

For details about how add christopherkullenberg.i2p to your address book, this is the file you are looking for.

Skriven av admin den 18 maj 2010