Over five thousand users watched the spectrial press conference on bambuser. As a civil sociologist, I will attempt at re-constructing a ficticious attendance of french sociologist Gabriel de Tarde (GT), via his magnum opus The Laws of Imitation from 1899. Please note the historical rupture, from a disciplinary theatre, to the present day spectacle. The quotes from the press conference (PC) are fragmentary and should not be treated as quotes, as they are translated very roughly to English and furiosly ripped out of context. This also goes for my ventriloquizing of de Tarde (my bold markings). Here we go:

(PC) - Instead of going digital, we go theatral.

(GT) - Viewed thus asan expansion of waves issuing from distinctcentres andas a logical arrangementof these centres and oftheir circles ofvibration, anation, a city, the most humble episodein theso-called poem ofhistory, becomes aliving and individual whole, a finespectacle for the contemplation ofthe philosopher. (109)

(PC) We do not believe in adapting or hiding. Instead we should confront the decision makers with our way of doing it. [concerning IPRED and the FRA].

(GT) when a branch ofindustry or artbegins to flourish ina given country, although it isdeemed immoral and impious by the local religion,a profane theatre, forexample, or a freethinking journal on this veryday, a germof dissolution hasentered into the social body, andthere is the most urgent need either for this germ tobe expelled,notably by aninquisition, orfor it to grow through philosophic or revolutionary orreform propagandism, and extend itself to the point ofreconstructing the social order upon new foundations." (285)

(PC) The Spectrial will intensify, copy and multiply!

(GT) Thuseverything is related to it. Every socialresemblance precedes fromthat initial actof imitation of which it wasthe subject. I think I may compare itto that no less extraordinary event whichoccurred onthe globe, many thousandsof centuries in advance, when,for the firsttime, atiny massof protoplasmoriginated in some unknown way and began tomultiply by fission (43).

(PC) Everyone who speaks in this spectacle are potential actors in the Spectrial.

(GT) The amountof glory that may be divided amongthe actors increases in proportion to the numberof the spectators who are clapping or hissing inthe pit, andthe distance betweenthe most obscure onlooker andthe most applauded player enlargesaccordingly. [note: this is where Tarde disagrees with the concept of the Spectrial completely, and thinks of spectacles as one-way communication].

(PC) The actors will interconnect in the networks where they will start copying each other. 

(GT) Buttheir internal precision and richness continueswithout let,whereas their external differentiation is soon checked bythe inmatetendency to copythe foreigner famousfor invention or conquest. (326)

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