To be able to communicate with the Werebuild and Telecomix crew anonymously, there are ways of hiding in certain darknets and cipherspace in general. I made this video tutorial to explain how to set up an IRC-tunnel and a web proxy. It is designed for a Debian Linux install, but basically the i2p software will run on any platform, and settings are similar.

I2p is rather complicated, at least for a newbie like me. So more video tutorials, written tutorials, and other ways of learning are always appreciated. You can help us in improving our wiki page on anonymous i2p, and of course you are welcome to join us also unanonymously. Just head to #telekompaketet on

Here is the video. If you find it useful, please spread it to people who would need it. It can be downloaded as a .mov file here.

Skriven av admin den 06 januari 2010