So what to do on a rainy autumn sunday? This is a question of great existential importance. So I was up in the Telecomix main channel when someone just dropped a link to the coolest Linux distro evar. Behold of Hannah Montana Linux!

A while ago I was fed up with proprietary operating systems that were designed for "consumers". I was a Mac user that ragequitted the race towards an iTuneification of my iLife, and I landed safely in the warm hands of Ubuntu Linux. Now I can't even imagine why people insist on using really obsolete systems like Windows and Mac OS. The world of openness is so much more flexible, and you don't feel like a consumer anymore, but as a participant i a technological evolution!

When I go out and talk about internet politics, I have found myself presupposing that everyone is running Linux. This is of course not true. But I keep saying "Yes, this and this is really simple. You can just install it with Aptitude and you are up and running in no time". And then nobody gets my point...

Many people think that you need to be a super advanced computer hacker to run Linux. And that all Linux systems have really ugly interfaces that look like computer terminals from the 1980s. This is not true. I could try to convince you using words, but why argue when I can show it to you instead!

Teh RLY simple tutorial

1. So first you go to the download page. Then you grab the installer file just like you grab the latest telesync movie off the Pirate Bay, with any bittorrent client.

2. Burn it to a CD using any application that is able to burn boot images. Insert it to your computer, and make sure that it is set to boot from the CD-drive before the actual hard drive. Hannah Montana runs both as a Live-CD, which lets you try it out before installing, and an actual installer. Just trying it will not break anything!

3. First image. It is totally zef! Here you can choose either just to try it or install it. I selected install.

4. Just click your language of choice.

5. Select the location of your meatspace body!

6. This one is really important to get right. My keyboard layout is Swedish.

7. Looks frightening, but if you are sick of your existing operating system, just let Hannah Montana use all of the hard drive.

8. Difficult question. Who am I? Several, but Hannah Montana wants you to select one identity. Don't worry, you can add thousands of more users later on.

9. Are you ready? I am!

10. Success! After a reboot this is your login screen.

11. Up and running. Connecting to IRC with the pre-installed client Quassel.

12. Two seconds away from the future!

13. Joining #telekompaketet where some awesome friends hang out!

14. You can add tons of cool software with the built in package manager. No need to chase around tons of websites and crack proprietary softwares anymore. Just add the real stuff, free as in freedom!

Usually I recommend using Ubuntu Linux or Debian, because those are large standard distributions. If you need to know anything, you just google it and someone else has already done it. But for more lulz, you might as well try out Hannah Montana!

Update: Hannah Montana appears to be a TV show... LOL

Skriven av admin den 31 oktober 2010