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A shady business of internet content producers came up with an idea soaked with hubris; "Let's try to write a trade agreement that in turn changes legislations around the world so that we can hold Internet Service Providers responsible for copyritght infringements". Shady business of course has to operate in secrecy, without annoying citizens that want a public debate about the shape of legislative powers. So the ACTA treaty was classified and put in briefcases that circulated between the capitals of the world to make sure that negotiations stayed off the radar.

It failed.

As the treaty leaked a frenetic work was initiated to transcribe the document in a Faxpad, running on a very busy computer, as the snow was melting outside the window. Another very famous site secured fast downloads, and it was archived for the future.

It seems like the distributed networks know how to defend themselves from fading industries. They want to stay distributed rather than becoming a "3d-Cable-TV-network" under the control of anti-markets. But a leak is only the beginning.

A very successful team of greens, socialists and pirates made sure that the EU parliament does not accept secret paperwork that affects legislation. A parliament that knows nothing of negotiations can of course not pass laws, as a parliament is supposed to represent the people. The internet was, however, faster than the parliaments, again.

The numerous leaks have been very important. Without knowledge, nothing can be discussed, no publics can shaped. Now the papers are on the table, or rather, they are in bittorrent swarms that no single authority can shut down. Busy computers defending the lollernets. Bit by bit we are now able to puzzle together how to make sure that the treaty is forever in the trash can. ACTA turns into hACTA.

Skriven av admin den 25 mars 2010