Yesternight I was on my favourite radio station, the Hackerspaces|Signal, for two hours talking about all kinds of things concerning hacktivism and net politics.

The show also features Stef, who knows a lot about the media laws in Hungary, Rop Gonggrijp, the dutch hacker who also got Twitter subpoenas along with Jacob Applebaum and Birgitta Jónsdóttir, and we talk about subjects ranging from TOR and I2P darknets to social media replacements, from media laws to data retention.

The talk is pretty relaxed, not fast and soundbyted like commercial radio, and much more improvised. So it is very different from other radio shows that I have been on. It is more like Kapital, Identität, Macht but live.

Also, there is music in the show. All Creative Commons of course.

Download and put in your favourite player. OGG for the open minded here and MP3 for the narrow minded here. The archive also contains a lot of interesting shows.

Skriven av admin den 14 januari 2011