This weekend I attended the FSCONS, and as usual it was a great experience. The conference is very informal and friendly, and there is plenty of time to talk to people from all over about projects and future collaborations. Many thanks to the organizers, once again!

One such event was a spontaneous I2P workshop organized by me and jaywalk, where we especially invited Erinn Clark and Linus Nordberg from the Tor Project. The Tor and I2P darknets share many similarities, so the point of the seminar was to exchange ideas and concepts. They are also quite different, both in usage, purpose and code.

It is a good thing that there are two awesome darknets around. We need more of them though, and more users, developers, reviewers etc. The Telecomix Crypto Munitions Bureau is devoted to promoting the use of all good ciphers, and hopefully we will organize a really next level Ciphernetics Assembly next year. Stay tuned to Telecomix for updates.

I didn't take many pictures. Was too busy talking, I guess :). But here are a few:

Kyrah from MetaLab hackerspace talking about Arduino and art-projects:

IMMI workshop etherpad session:

Smári McCarthy talking about IMMI:

A next level 3D-printer:

See you all next year!

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