The reason for not posting anything here the last few months is my dissertation work. Even though i moved out of my underground student apartment and moved up to a 5th floor nest, I'm still in a tunnel of writing. I will defend my thesis on April 13th, so the final manuscript needs to be ready by the very beginning of March. I will of course post a .pdf version here once I send it to print. But until then, this blog will be blacked out.

Also, during February I will give lectures on a course for natural science master students. Since lectures are public at universities, I will post a few dates below, so if anyone is interested in checking out what theory of science is about, you are welcome to join in.

Besides these lectures I will also give an "Akademisk kvart" on March 1st (in Swedish).

Lecture schedule:

Mon 6/2 - 10:15 - 13:00 (Lilla Hörsalen) Philosophy of Science (positivism, Popper, paradigms, induction, deduction etc.)

Mon 13/2 - 10:15 - 12:00 (L100) Philosophy of Science put to work (on experiments, Einstein, social interests, mutual reinforcement of experiments, etc.)

Mon 20/2 08:15 - 10 (L100) Research ethics (epistemic/ethic controversies, normative structure of science, scientific misconduct etc.)

Mon 27/2 8:15 - 10 (L100) Science is politics by other means (Latour, Pasteur, how science changes society and vice versa)

Footnote The room L100 is not in the main building, but on the other side of the "pond" in the basement of the house that used to belong to ethnology and oriental/african languages.

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