Two of my favourite objects are books and trains. Two of my dearest friends are Opalmar and Isabelle. Assembling these four objects in an event equals a great time!

So, I had them starting to read The Quadruple Object, while simultaneously giving mini-lectures on Heidegger's tool analysis and OOO-philosophy. The train served as my example, and it is a fantastic one because it is clearly a system, a very complex one in fact, where components interact all the time. But as an object, it withdraws from the rails, the wires and the passengers, and must do so in order to be more than just an effect, or a temporary occasion.

Poland is by the way one of my favourite places, and while re-reading the section "Anti-Copernicus" in TQO, I came to think about the fun fact that Copernicus actually stayed in Gdansk. Oh, and Schopenhauer was born there too. Philosophical travel at its best!

The fact that we had an early morning and a late night before us, the train after a while gently withdrew from our human consciousness and tucked us in for a nap.

Finally home again in Gothenburg, it is time to give all of my attention to my dissertation again, so expect heavy texts in English in a near future.

* Footnote: To "booklook" something is a philosophical fashion-hack invented by my friend Karl, who here wears a DeLanda book.

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