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On the 5th of January there will be a viral blackout of websites, blogs, newspapers, possibly even TV-stations, to support the freedom of speech in Hungary. The initiative is called Blackout 4 Hungary. If you are a blogger or publish anything, you can participate too.

The background for this action is a draconic new media law, which will introduce a special government agency that tracks down "politically unbalanced" reporting or things that goes against "common morals". The agency will hand out costly fines to anyone not conforming to the government standards, fines that you must pay directly. This is a disaster for independent small-scale reporting and commentary. Basically, it tears down all the good things that the internet has given us.

In Sweden, correspondence about these events have been limited. To my knowledge, the most thorough reporting comes from the blog Copyriot, but some news pieces have also been published.

Hungary holds the presidency of the EU since January the 1st. I think it's necessary to put an end to this censorship madness. Not only for the solidarity of our Hungarian friends, but as a statement that we cannot tolerate such behaviour anywhere.

I will black out this blog at 0:00 on January the 5th for 24 hours. You can do it too! Instructions at Blackout 4 Hungary. And please spread the word!

Skriven av admin den 02 januari 2011