Recently Isabella Lövin of the Green group voted in favour of the scandalous Gallo report. The report is not only full of lies, containing signatures of dead copyright-holders and made up facts, but it also calls for stronger repression of the internet in the desperate pursuit of "file sharers".

Now, for the average politician, internet activists store such events in their political memory. However, what Lövin did not know, was that her betrayal was very special due to another less known phenomena. Lövin has written extensively on the threats against marine environments and disruptions in aquatic ecology due to fishery and toxic waste.

This concern for the aquatic ecologies are, as far as I can tell, shared among almost any internet activist out there. The interweb is full of failwhales, jellyfish, imperial waves and storming torrents. There is no opposition between the preservation of the sea and the preservation of the open networks. On the contrary, those are struggles very closely related to each other.

This is techno-animism and symmetrical ecology of the mechanosphere. When I log in to the webserver that runs this blog it looks like this:

Sun Microsystems Inc. SunOS 5.11


The tuna is an amazing fish, so my web server is named after it. Especially the Pacific bluefin tuna that swims swiftly through the waters, with streamlined bodies and retractable fins. It even has the rare capacity of heating its own blood, which most fish do not have. A tuna is the perfect light and swift web server, resembling the lighttpd rather than the more common Apache whale, which is bigger and clumsier.

However, the bluefin tuna is red-flagged due to excessive fishery. Because of its delicate meat, it is sold at very high prices, especially in Japan. The world would much richer if we were to leave this beautiful creature to its proliferation in the currents of the sea, swimming next to our ships, smiling back at us.

But we must also preserve the tunas of the internet. Open un-censored computer networks without surveillance are also red-flagged. The Gallo report is not only trolling us like yet another internet troll, but in a literal sense it trolls away the open internet, just like those troll vessels are killing the tuna in the Pacific ocean.

The ecology of the deep waters and the ecology of the deep networks are the same struggle. We must defend diversity for every tuna, no matter its IP-number or its depth in the waters. The eel travels to the Sargasso Sea to multiply in peace, internauts travel to cipherspace to seek peace and calm from the predators of the copyright industries.

Let all tunas unite!

Skriven av admin den 03 oktober 2010