Update: This post has not been verified. As you all may know, there are forum trolls out there.

Update 2: Antipiratbyrån denies having posted this comment in the forum. See comments below (in Swedish).

OMG! dear friends of the internets. Swedish anti-piracy organisation Antipiratbyrån dislikes the F2F-software OneSwarm. In a post in the OneSwarm forum, they issue a warning to parents and kids using OneSwarm for purposes of copyright violation. One section of the warning goes like this (translation below):

Vi bedriver just nu en kampanj mot OneSwarm där vi genom olika metoder spårar klienter som olovligen sprider upphovsrättsskyddat material. Vi kommer sedan att identifiera personerna bakom denna verksamhet och i de fall vi finner bevis på brottslig verksamhet lämna in en anmälan till rättsvårdande myndigheter, alternativt agera med eget mandat för att förhindra vidare spridning.

We are currently running a campaign against OneSwarm where we by various methods trace clients which are illegaly spreading copyrighted material. We will then identify ther persons behind this enterprise and if we can find evidence of criminal activities, we will file a complaint with legal authorities, alternatively act on our own to prevent further dispersion of materials.

As long as we don't exchange encryption keys with Antipiratbyrån, we have nothing to fear. That is how F2F works! A screen dump from the forum (click to enlarge):

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